About us

Our Approach

The future of work is here and TechTutors is on a mission to transform the workforce by up-skilling thousands of professionals in the most in-demand skills today and in the future; Digital Marketing, UX Design and Product Management.

TechTutors is not just a bootcamp; we are a tech education company that help you learn new skills, offer you portfolio and career support and help place you in your perfect role.

Coming from a start up, design and tech recruitment background, the team at TechTutors know the frustrations of breaking into the tech industry, trying to up skill within a sector and differentiating in an increasingly competitive sector. That is why we adopt a holistic approach to help people learn and stay current in versatile skills

Why TechTutors?

  • We adapt to the market
  • We are data driven but people focused
  • We build strong relationships with Learners, Talent and Employers
  • Our Industry Experts have 10+ experience in their respective fields

Today’s economy requires a workforce with new-age skills such as user experience design, digital marketing, product management, web development, data analysis, machine learning and more.

At TechTutors we are committed to up skill the workforce by providing a personalized learning experience online and in-person.

  • Learners who want to change careers
  • Learners who want to up-skill in their field
  • Learners who are looking for career mentorship
  • Talent seeking for new roles

“I didn’t want to do a full boot camp because I knew all the tools already being a graphic designer, but I needed someone to teach me the theory in a very short period of time. The Online Tutoring team at TT understood what I was looking for and matched me to an incredible Tutor, in eight sessions I was transformed . ”

Lucy Egan

Online Tutoring: User Experience Design, Online